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We produce shutters made of wood, vinyl or aluminium  thermal insulator. They are mostly used on windows or doors but they can function as a superb room divider or room separator as well. They are suitable for thermal or sound insulation, they preserve the warmth of the room in winter, and during summer, they do not let the sun rays pass through and also protect the rooms from curious glances. The stay-bars increase the comfort of the shutters


Faredőny The exquisite buildings built in larger and larger numbers require what in shading technique is aesthetically and functionally the most valuable, the shutters. These shutters, with their patented attachment system preserve all the advances of the traditional Esslingen rolling shutters, including their excellent thermal and sound insulation, their unique light controlling and ventilation ability due to the 25-75 percent gap-slat ratio, while eliminating the drawbacks of the traditional version. In case of the original shutters slats are joined by breakable lamellae and screws that do not stand the always changing weather conditions. Besides this, the slats have to hold all the slats lying beneath them. Instead of this, the main point in the construction of the new system is that a stainless steel chain bears the load, so every slat has to hold only its own weight. The shutters are made of knot-less Scots pine, but thanks to the attachment system, we can make shutters from any kind of wood. The attachment system ensures that outer case-type shutters can also be made subsequently.

No problem if you have a circular or arch window!
We accomplish the all-inclusive construction of the built-in cases for wood shutters.
Shutters can be moved manually (by strap, lace or crank) or automatically driven by SOMFY motor.



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